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Click ins / Slat inserts

Click ins:

For sealing concrete slats Inter Continental developed the click-in. The length of one click-in is 50 cm. and can be used for slits from 18 mm up to 26 mm. (depending on the form of the slat)
To close one m² slat you roughly need 12 click-in. To close one fully slat 3 or 4 click-in per animal place.

Slat inserts SS:

Slat floors in pig stables with wide gaps? Bring back the wide gaps off slat floors in pig stables to the legal 18 mm, starting off with a maximum of 35mm.

Now with the stainless steel slat Inserts complete with stainless steel screws and mounting plug in EPDM in a DIY package.

Available in 190 m, 255 mm and 440 mm length.

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