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IC-ionIC, simple, environmetally friendly and safe to use for humans and animals.

Admission number: BWL2009.18


IC-ionIC is a system that was developed together with Baumgartner Environics, Inc. from the USA. The system uses the so-called. EPI-system (Electrostatic Particulate Ionisation).

The IC-ionIC system removes particles of dust from the air. The system fills the room in the house with a negative charge. The negative ions this creates attract the floating dust particles and cause them to 'stick' to the earthed surfaces.

The advantage of ionising is that it tackles the problem of dust right at the source. This approach not only reduces the fine dust emission, it also improves the air quality at the same time.

The system reduces the concentration of fine dust by 49% which is a massive improvement for both the animals and the people caring for them.


EPI Powersupplies
Coronaline against the ceiling
Corona wire and overhead wire tensioning the corona wire
Manual operation of the corona lines
Automatic control of the corona lines
Ceiling for commencemen
Ceiling after 6 weeks

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