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Slurry trays - IC-W+ System

The IC-W + System / Slurry trays has been the leading system for emission reduction in intensive pig farming. Energy saving and demonstrably better results for your business. We received for this system the VIV Europe Gold award.

Inter Continental has launched various slurry trays into the market, suitable for every type of situation and available in a range of dimensions.

Duraplast slurry trays:

The Duraplast slurry tray by Inter Continental is the latest innovative development in the area of slurry trays.
The most important characteristic of this slurry tray is the special construction of the drainage channels. These ensure good fluid distribution so inconvenience due to flies in the event food is spilt is limited.

Polyester slurry trays:

In renovation projects, and with some new-builds, finishing using elements in standard dimensions is often complicated. For this purpose, Inter Continental has come up with a solution in the form of a glass fibre (polyester) slurry tray.


  • A clean environment for the sow
  • Conditioning of the incoming air
  • Good and consistent air distribution
  • Low infection risk
  • Ammonia emissions 65 % lower

What are the advantages for you?

  • Fewer losses and higher weaner weights
  • 30- 40% lower energy costs for ventilation and heating
  • Better working conditions
  • Short pay-back time

* According to data from pig research farm Sterksel. In practice however, results can differ and therefore no rights can be derived from this data.

The cost/ benefits analysis of the slurry trays indicates that the system is profitable right from day one. The slurry trays are also better for the health and the climate. If you opt to use slurry trays, maybe combined with an air washer, a smaller version of an air washer will be sufficient.

Duraplast monodrain slurry tray with balanceframe
Duraplast slurry tray with standard frame
Slurry drain system beneath duraplast slurry tray
Project with polyester monodrain slurry tray
Project with polyester monodrain slurry tray

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