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StevIC ® System

The STEVIC® ventilation panel developed by Inter Continental is an innovative and cost-saving solution for your pen. The STEVIC® system is a section wall and ventilation panel in one. The sow receives conditioned fresh air directly where it is needed via this section wall.

The benefits of the Stevic system combined with the duraplast slurry tray:

  • A fresh and constant climate
  • Fresh air to the sow
  • Improved health status of your animals
  • Low infection pressure
  • 30-40% lower energy costs
  • Short recovery time of the investment

A unique, innovative  and patented development.

Production results*:


Weaning weight per piglet : 600 gram higher                      
Percentage lost : 1,6% lower
Increase in sow feed intake : 10 kg higher

* According to data from pig research farm Sterksel. In practice however, results can differ and therefore no rights can be derived from this data. 


Air inflow stevIC panaal
StevIC panel
StevIC panel
StevIC system with standard support frame
StevIC system with Duraplast monodrain slurry tray and standard support frame
StevIC system with duraplast monodrain slurry tray and balance support frame

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