In the spotlight: IC-Slurrytrays


Inter Continental has launched various slurry trays into the market, suitable for every type of situation and available in a range of dimensions. Our slurry trays are vacuum formed and were designed in cooperation with technical specialists.

Thanks to the special design, our duraplast slurry trays are solid and robust and resistant to chemicals. A special frame has also been designed to enable quick, but sturdy construction of the system. Slurry trays in different sizes, or for special applications, are also manufactured by us from glass fibre-reinforced polyester.

The cost/ benefits analysis of the slurry trays indicates that the system is profitable right from day one. The slurry trays are also better for the health and the climate. If you opt to use slurry trays, maybe combined with an air washer, a smaller version of an air washer will be sufficient.

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