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IC-V+ System

In cooperation with the research farm in Sterksel and Lelystad, Inter Continental has invented low emission animal housing systems resulting in improved animal welfare, climate conditions and overall performance. With Inter Continental you are ready for the future!


  • Efficient air intake system
  • Conditioning of the incoming air
  • Good and consistent air distribution
  • Ammonia emissions 60- 70 % lower

What does this mean for you?

  • Better technical results and animal health
  • 50-60 % lower energy costs for ventilation and heating
  • Better working conditions
  • Clean pens
* According to data from pig research farm Sterksel. In practice however, results can differ and therefore no rights can be derived from this data.
Slurry canal in the sand
Central corridor with central valves in the sand
Slurry canal of concrete with sloping wall
Slurry canal of concrete with sloping wall

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