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IC Vacumest ® System

Reduction of Ammonia-emissions

In coming years, pig farmers must find a solution to the ammonia and slurry problem on their farms. They must find an ecologically sound way for the treatment of slurry. Ammonia emissions can be sharply reduced when the slurry rapidly, by means of a well functioning discharge system, leaves the pighouse. Slurry discharge systems must be reliable, require little maintenance and be easy to service.
The IC-Vacumest® System more than meets each of these requirements besides offering a number of further advantages. The system is suitable for both renovated or newly built piggeries. As an extra service Inter Continental provides you with a custom made plan on how to install the system in your pighouse. This plan guarantees a system that will operate properly and according to your requirements.

Pig farmers (inter)nationally have relied on and invested in the Inter Continental quality. We have also received the gold award from VIV Europe for the “IC-V+-system”, so not only the user but also the trade press has expressed its appreciation of our system.

A complete programme (Ø 200, Ø 250 and Ø 400) of quality and reliability on the one hand, and attention for the slurry issue on the other, means an increasing number of pig farmers are choosing the Vacumest system by Inter Continental. All our systems fully comply with all requirements and norms for slurry disposal systems. With Inter Continental you are 

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